People have questions but don’t know who to ask.

The internet is filled with people asking and answering questions, but most of them are just repeating the same tired advice they’ve heard from other “experts.”

You want answers that get right to the heart of your problem. You can solve this problem by providing an in-depth explanation that will help them with their situation.

People are asking you a lot of tough questions related to your product or service.

You know the answers, but it’s hard to explain them in one blog post or again and again.

Give them a lead magnet to answer such questions and learn more about your product in their own time, without asking them on sites like Quora or not being vocal about them.

It’ll help you build trust with new leads while also giving them an opportunity for discovery on their terms.

By doing so you can make sales without having to worry about the reason why deals are not happening.

Bonus Tip: You can convert your lead magnet in video or blog post to get constant traffic till the time it internet exists. You get more visibility if you use Quora to answer such question.