After explaining and telling people time and again as to what is a domain and why is it essential, I am finally writing a post whether you or your business really needs this.

The answer is yes. Everybody needs it. Period…

Whether it is for business or personal use, a personal domain helps you to build instant credibility for business (online or offline) or whatever you do as an individual. So, the moment you register the domain you can use it on your visiting card as a professional email address rather than using free email address like gmail, hotmail, yahoo etc.

When you lock your domain, you open the window of possibilities to do what you wanted to do & can do the same using a domain (which is eventually your website). Whether you wanted to sell something online using an online store, wanted to share photographs, wanted to write a blog post (as I did), share a video on your own website, put your resume with your own digital identity or whatever you can think of wanting to tell using the internet. All of this is possible by taking the first step in digital estate which is your OWN DOMAIN name.

You don’t need to get into any contest to tell your idea to the world by booking the domain related to the theme of that idea. Simply book a domain and share it with world what you want to tell. If you have a scientific experiment, business idea or invention on your mind, bind it with a domain name.

So, do not think and try to figure and first book your own domain name. Protect your personal name on the digital planet before anyone else because two different people cannot have the same domain name with same extension.

Not only your personal domain name, register friend/family name, group name to give a more stronger image by leveraging the power of internet. It might be crazy but your pet can also have its own domain name if you really want to. Create a digital birth certificate for your newborn to be or for your infant. S(he) will be thankful that you protected this for her/him.

So, do not tell the world who are you, let them find you.

Still thinking whether you need it and domain name you are thinking is available or not? Check whether it is available and if it is GRAB it IMMEDIATELY!