Your marketing needs creativity and innovation.

Most business owners lack innovation in their business. This is a problem because, without creativity, you can’t stand out from the crowd, which means fewer leads, sales conversions, and more money left on the table.

Do you want to be more creative for your marketing campaigns?

Start using an Inspirational File.

Inspirational File is a lead magnet that provides inspiration and marketing ideas for businesses. These are not used just for copywriting; they are more about visual inspiration and marketing ideas. These can provide ideas and inspirational examples to spark your creativity.

You don’t need to feel like you’re lacking in the creativity department anymore! Inspirational File will give you ideas to spark your creative juices to get innovative with your marketing strategies. So, you generate more leads and sales for your business.

Inspirational files are not just a variation of lead magnets, but they can be used as one. They provide ideas and examples to spark creativity through visual inspiration to develop marketing strategies.

You can offer Inspirational Files to your prospects as a lead magnet to help them be more creative and get ideas to solve their problems.
Inspirational File is a collection of the most innovative and creative marketing ideas to help you get inspired, think differently, and grow your business.

Inspirational File is the solution for that. This inspirational File will help you unleash your creativity and provide countless ideas for marketing campaigns, direct mailings, sales letters, and more!
While I was working on this idea, it was just coincident that I found this amazing ad. It inspired me to think about innovation to sell cars using illusion as an idea:

Honda Ad for Inspiration:…

Need some ideas to offer Inspirational Files to your prospects and get their details? Here are few ones:

  • HR Consultants & Trainers can share a file like “51 icebreaker games and activities for every team.”
  • Visual Marketer or Influencer can give a file with a title like “21 video marketing ideas for marketing campaigns.”
  • A Training/Consulting company can share a list of “Best explainer videos.”
  • A book Publisher like my friend from PendownPress can share something like “101 Ways to Get Inspired to Write in 2021 & become an author” as a lead magnet.
  • Visual marketing places targeting agencies like mine can offer a collection of inspirational files like: “The Best Landing Page Design Inspiration, Templates, Resources, and More” to get my business details.

So, these files are a great way to get your creative juices flowing. If you don’t have an inspirational file yet, make it today and use it for the next marketing campaign!