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You want to make your company known or generate leads but do not have enough money to sponsor Kaun Banega Crorepati.

But did you know quizzes are a great way of generating leads and building your database without spending a lot of money?

Many companies waste their money on advertising to make themselves known when they could be using free lead generation tools like quizzes.

Quizzes have a lot of advantages: for one thing, people enjoy them! It’s almost like playing or gambling – that sense of anticipation and excitement is something nobody can resist.

And because you’re dealing with such short blocks (usually five questions), it takes less time than filling out a complete form – so more potential customers will think about taking the quiz to find what they want quickly before going on other things.

Want to see real life example how I applied this for my solar business? Here is the link:

Start using lead generation quizzes as an alternative lead magnet that will help you get relevant people and grow your business! We provide free templates, customisable designs, integrations & analytics so you can create powerful quizzes in minutes!

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