Do you want to know how long your email subject line should be?

Most marketers think that only short email subject lines are effective because long ones will get cut off, and the recipient won’t read all of it.

There are many studies about this topic, and the results are surprising!

The truth is that longer email subject lines have a much higher click-through rate than short ones.

And they’re more likely to get opened too! So don’t cut them off – let people read the whole thing before deciding whether or not to open it.

Researchers found different results in a study about this topic: longer than 41-50 character length emails proved as 17% more likely at an average rate click through while those between 51 – 70 characters had 23%.

If you’re looking for ways to improve your email marketing efforts, consider testing out long subject line lengths on some of your campaigns. You might find that it’s worth that extra time!

This myth should be debunked once and for all! Longer subject lines are proven to increase your chances of getting someone’s attention enough so that they’ll open your email instead of just deleting it without reading further.

You don’t have to bore your customers with lengthy email subjects anymore. Just start using email subject lines to get attention, and share what you think of this myth!