Manifesto to Market Your Business

The idea is to create a lead magnet in the form of your own Manifesto. Manifestos are great because people naturally want them due to their simplicity and value.

A manifesto is a simple declaration of your values. It makes a great lead magnet because you can be sure that the people drawn to it will share your love for what matters most, and they’ll likely want more from you than just one small download as well.

A well-executed manifesto establishes credibility in terms of individual expertise and an organisation’s overall ability to deliver on promises made when faced with fierce competition.

The best way for you as an authority on this niche would be to present yourself through your very own Manifesto, which can serve as a powerful marketing tool!

I remember when I read Rich Schefren’s “Internet Business Manifesto” in 2012. I realise now how he wanted us, marketers, to think about our business online at that time. We all know- those days before social media took off and mobile devices became a way people connected more than ever!

The OEL Manifesto by Swastik Nandakumar is a must-read for anyone looking to succeed in sales ethically.

There are many ways to express your business culture through your company’s voice, and Mirasee is one such example. Any small business owner needs to tell the world what they believe in rather than writing a boring about us page.

Your Manifesto is a document that lays out your values and beliefs. How can you convert these into an engaging lead magnet? Need ideas, let’s discuss!