People think that SEO is a one-time thing, and they don’t need to worry about it.

The truth is, the only way you can keep your business in front of customers on Google search engine results pages (SERPs) is by keeping up with all the changes they make. And these days, there are more than ever!

SEO is the most effective way to get traffic, but many people think that once they’re ranked on Google for a keyword- their competition has been kept at bay forever.

This belief couldn’t be further from reality as online marketing becomes increasingly competitive with new opportunities popping up every day; there need to be regularly scheduled spurts to keep with competitors, or else you will fall behind fast (especially on higher profit niches).

Google is constantly updating its search engine to make it easier for you.

In 2019, Google reportedly ran more than 4,64,000 experiments and updated 3,600 ways so that potential new ways can compete in the results, which makes SEO a must-do task for your company’s future success!


You can finally make your digital marketing efforts more effective by picking this idea to start growing rankings. Then, you can tweak content and beat the competition by leveraging the advantage of this myth your competitor might have!