A web app that helps you get more customers and sales

When you think of a web app, the first thing that comes to mind is Facebook or LinkedIn. But in reality, the web app is not just for social media and can be utilised in many different ways!

A free or freemium web app you create for your business could provide an easy way to connect with clients while also providing recurring revenue streams through tools such as subscriptions.

A web app can be a free or freemium application for your business to generate qualified leads by connecting with potential customers. The web app is still expensive to produce, but it’s worth every penny if you want to get high-quality leads!

Users need to sign up to log in and access the web app, which will help them solve their problems.

Building one now will save you time later when it comes down to process-related tasks such as generating leads, contact management, headline generation, proposal creation or managing customer data streams from social media outlets into other areas of business objectives.

I know you’re thinking, “🤔 – will this lead generator idea work for me?” It’s so lame’. Well, that is your opinion. Personally, I find it to be a good marketing strategy because you’re getting only those people who could potentially end up being your customer!

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