Do you want to reduce the chances of people leaving your website?
Add the plan section to your website.

People are afraid of making the wrong choice, so they don’t make any choices at all. They end up not buying anything or choosing a product that is less than ideal for them.

If you want to sell more products and services, it’s essential to show your customers how each option leads down a specific path to make the decision. This makes it easier for customers to choose what’s right for them instead of feeling lost in an ocean of options.

By showing customers exactly where each purchase will lead them on their journey toward success with your business, you’re helping people feel confident about moving forward with their purchase decision.
Your website should be laying out these paths like having a three-step plan leading people from one step to another until they reach the finish line (i.e., purchasing the product).

Make sure that your site has clear next steps and suggests which path users should take based on where they are in their customer lifecycle.

For example, KRC Real Estate explains an easy-to-follow three-step plan to show how to buy or sell your property without worrying about arranging the cash to get the deal done.

And that’s all for today! I hope you learned something new about creating your website plan section. Now it’s time to use #Day88 idea and add the plan page on your site so help them to figuring out the obvious.