How can you get your team engaged in coming up with new lead magnet ideas?

Your car needs a spark to get thrust & your brain needs a prompt to get new ideas to thrust your business with innovation. Start using prompts as lead magnets and give your customers the tools they need and want.

People know what they want to achieve but don’t know-how. Prompts can help them get started. For example, a life coach could offer a list of 20 Journal Prompts as an information lead magnet that enables users with self-discovery for more clarity.

A digital marketing agency can provide prompts for the sales and marketing funnel design to ignite greater clarity, confidence, and speed for business owners to start their online presence.

Here are a 10+ examples of the types of prompts that can help you get creative:

1. List five words from your business or industry and write a story about each word.
2. Start to list ten books or movies that have changed your life somehow and share one takeaway from them.
3. List down 5 new lead magnet ideas to attract new prospects.
4. What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?
5. Describe what a lead magnet means to your business.
6. Share the best lead magnet sales pitch you have given so far.
7. Make a list of everything that does lead generation for your business and share one major takeaway from each lead generator.
8. List five themes (buzzwords) you want visitors to associate with your lead magnets.
9. What is the best lead magnet offer you can think of, and why do you like it?
10. Write down ten different ways to grow an audience/audience; write about one or two in detail.
11. The most exciting thing I learned this month was ……(write about it)

Need something more practical to content for your business. I have provided marketers & business owners with few prompts to help inspire them for their future content, using the framework from my book “Instant Content” as an example.

Did this prompt help you get any ideas for giving leads to your prospects? Comment below with some of the others you’ve come up with.

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