We all know that to get results, you need to take action. But it’s hard to figure out what actions are going to produce positive results for you.

Most people struggle with figuring out how they can do this, especially when they’re trying something new.

You can use the Challenge to challenge them to take action and this idea as a lead magnet.

The Challenge is a proven way of helping people transform themselves and achieve their goals faster than before.
Many have also used it as a lead magnet because the person who takes me up on my Challenge will be highly qualified! They’ll have already said, “I want in!”

Most people are not motivated enough to start a new habit. And that’s where Swastik Nandakumar uses The Kaizen Challenge as an easy way to build a new habit in 21 days and improve members’ lives simultaneously.

You can check this idea in action at: https://offbeatentrepreneursleague.com/kaizen/

This Challenge has helped hundreds (maybe thousands) of people lose weight, gain muscle, get organised, learn dance, and more! This #100DaysMarketingChallenge is the result of #100DaysWithSwastik.

So, how are you going to challenge yourself to use this marketing idea to get more leads? Share your ideas by commenting below.